Do ITINs expire?

An ITIN will expire for any taxpayer who fails to file a federal income tax return for five consecutive tax years. Any ITIN will remain in effect as long as a taxpayer continues to file U.S. tax returns. This includes ITINs issued after Jan. 1, 2013. These taxpayers will no longer face mandatory expiration
of their ITINs, and they do not need to reapply starting in 2018, as was the case under the old policy.
To ease the burden on taxpayers and give their representatives and other stakeholders’ time to adjust, the IRS will not begin deactivating unused ITINs until 2016. This grace period will allow anyone with a valid ITIN, regardless of when it was issued, to file a valid return during the upcoming tax-filing season. A taxpayer whose ITIN has been deactivated and needs to file a U.S. return can reapply again.

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