What documents are needed to apply for an ITIN?

There is a list of 13 documents approved by the IRS. We suggest you consult with your Consular office or visit our office to receive more information about other documents that are acceptable.

IRS will accept either original or certified copies (from the issuing agency) of two or more of the following documents, in lieu of a passport (which is 1):

  1. Passport
  2. National Identification Card (must show photo, name, current address, date of birth, and
    expiration date)
  3. U.S. Driver’s License
  4. Civil Birth Certificate (required unless passport is submitted)
  5. Foreign Driver’s License
  6. U.S. State Identification Card
  7. Foreign Voter’s Registration Card
  8. U.S. Military Identification Card
  9. Foreign Military Identification Card
  10. Visa
  11. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Photo Identification
  12. Medical Records (dependents – under 6 only. Only vaccination records are adequate, if the last vaccination occurred within the past 12 months.)
  13. School Records (dependents – under 14, under 18 if a student – only. School term cannot be more than12 months from the date of the application.)

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